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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #115 (Miss One Mark, Make Another)

     The Battle Gem Ponies Steam Greenlight Campaign is still ongoing, but the service is rumored to be shutting down some time next month. I can still update the game and hope for a miracle before Greenlight closes it's doors for good, but at this point I'm not expecting to make it. BGP will be pushed as a mobile game,  but will still have PC/Mac/Linux versions available through

     It doesn't spell DOOM for the project or anything, it's just a demonstration that people need something more polished than what I launched with to make it at this point in Steam Greenlight's troubled lifespan. I'll try again via Steam Direct once the game is actually complete and see if I can get a different reaction on that platform. Just hoping that it doesn't end up costing an arm and a leg.

  • Battle Customizer In-Editor (customize each opponent's ponies & movesets)
  • Edited Pony Move Lists
  • Wild Ponies Only Know 3 Moves
  • If Out of Light & Heavy Attacks, Tackle Becomes Available
  • Wild Ponies Are Randomized
  • Wild Ponies Can Move/Spawn/Vanish
  • Fleshed Out Some Details in Design Document
  • Some Ideas Pushed Back to Sequel
     Lessons Learned:
  • Taking a burnout break this week was kind of necessary. Getting back to the game now, I feel way more excited about how close I am to becoming code complete. It'll take another month, but I'm actually eager to do it now instead of dragging myself through the pile of programming bugs.
  • Toby Fox's process for coming up with game ideas is pretty familiar. Just looking at my own notes and doodles for Unicorn Quest is getting me excited.
       I gotta confess to spending a lot less time working on my game than usual this past week. I still made sure to get at least one thing done each night, but I was really feeling burnt out. Like you can only hit so many bug walls before it feels like the dang thing will never come together.

     For my sanity I took a step back, said it's not that serious, the game can still come out in a timely manner. And I spent time socializing, catching up on development blogs of indies I follow, watching game design videos, and reminding myself of what I love most about game development. Coming up with cool ideas I could pull off.

     So I spent lots of time dreaming up ideas for a sequel to BGP and the Unicorn Training sequel/remake I've had in mind since that game's release.




     So the main features I'm aiming to put out for the update on the 30th (which I'll post about here on Friday) are the 6 new ponies, a ridable Furum, enemies with custom movesets, and randomized wild ponies. I have 3 of those 4 things working and one of them is currently giving me some trouble with bugs. As I write this, I have 3 days to get two tasks done.

      Back to the Unity Engine I go. BGP needs me, and I need to get that update out to you all by this month's end.

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