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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #117 (Rough March)

     Approaching the future step-by-step. Refusing to sleep until each day's task is done. Not letting a single day get by where I don't open Unity and change at least something. Slowly, but surely, this game will be complete by the end of the year. And while last month was a bunch of setbacks and headaches, this month is set to be where I get the most overwhelming part of development out of the way. Making all the things work. Once and for all.

There will be one last Pinto Island demo, then the real fun begins...

There's a reason only some ponies are ridable. Looks a little weird
riding something with no hind legs, ya know?
Unrelated, but I found this old attempt at making a BGP title logo.
These are the lines that appear when buffing your stats.
  • Fixed Pony Riding Bugs
  • Door Exit Arrows
  • Fixed Permanent Item Pop Up Bug
  • Trainers No Longer Walk Up to You Before Battle (Pokémon Sun & Moon style)
  • New "Save Game" Icon
  • Dusty Cave Steps
  • Wild Water Ponies
  • Edited Some Pony Animations
  • Released Demo 6.8
  • Updated Some Imgur Albums
  • Sprites & Particles for Stat Buffs
  • Placeholder Sprites for Items
  • Filled in all Spreadsheet Info with Defaults
  • Reorganized Item Lists
  • Reverted Plant & Surge Icon Placement
  • Ultra Vinerva Sprite
  • Planned Out This Month's Tasks in Detail
  • Cleaned Up Some Idea Notes on My iPod
     Lessons Learned:
  • I have to more carefully plan the beginning of the game to account for first time players who've never even tried Pokémon. I want a 6 year old to be able to stumble through things at least up to the first route where they can explore and battle things infinitely.

       And here's that new pause menu. You can also see the Exit Arrow in action here. Looks a bit nicer, I think. Eager to make more progress this month and finally have a game that feels complete even if it doesn't look complete.


     Not expecting high numbers this month. Laying low with BGP til Demo 7 is finally done and the game actually works.

     This month is gonna be exhausting. But May is going to be so relieving. Finally putting everything together. Let's get back to it! See you next week.

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