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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #118 (Placing Placeholders)

     How's the game coming along? So far, so good. Grinding away at getting this game to work. I truly believe I'll feel incredible relief once I know the hard part is done and over with. Super eager to put the pieces together and get started on the fun stuff.

The class color squares!
Super minimalist.
  • Placeholders for Items, Maladies, & Weather
  • Malady & Stat Buff Animations
  • Ultra Vinerva Sprite (draft)
  • Edited Various Scripts (easier to use)
  • Organized Move Prefabs in Code by Class
  • Dialogue Choices are now Spreadsheet Based
  • All Move Slots Can Be Customized
  • Bug Fixes (lots of battle animations were causing crashes)
  • Noted Lesser Bugs to Fix at the End of This Cycle
     Lessons Learned:
  • Having something that works feels better than having something that looks perfect. Apply makeup after the base molding is finished so you can stop at anytime if you're running late.

       Take a look at the Ultra Vinerva sprite. I want to do more with the face. Probably add big fangs or something, but this is good as a placeholder for now. Gotta crank out 30+ more of these ultra sprites by the end of May so I won't allow myself to stop and stare at it for days until it looks perfect like I used to.


     I can only wait & pray for a long tail of success for BGP this winter. Hope I can do at least as well as Workemon.

The meteorites needed for Ultra Transformations.
     Gonna keep plugging away. Hoping that this will be the last month of head-slamming tedious programming work just to get the basics up and running.

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