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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #119 (Functional, but Not Fully)

     At this rate looks like it'll take maybe a couple weeks longer than expected to reach code completion. But getting the major hurdles out of the way has been the primary goal of this month and I'm wrapping those things up as this blog is being written.

Take a look at the rest of this week's progress in the DevLog below!

The party nicknaming system is up and running.
  • Fixed Pony Storage System
  • Abilities Noted
  • Nickname System
  • Movesets Obey Light/Status/Heavy/Tutor Rules
  • Ember Tornado & Whirlpool are Now Special Damage-Causing Status Moves
  • Tested Animations for Maladies and Buffs
  • Null Move Slots Turn Transparent
  • VS Match Improved Randomization
  • CSV Spreadsheets Updated
       I'm thinking I should release the BGP demo a month before the real release just to stir up excitement and make sure BGP is on the app store in some form before BronyCon. It could also draw attention from Apple or Google and get the full version a little boost.

     Then again, maybe they'll want to avoid having two versions of the same game out and force me to make the full game unlockable in BGP Lite as an in-app purchase. Well, Unicorn Training was allowed to do it and seeing Geometry Dash do it my way gave me the go-ahead in the first place, so let's do it again!


     I wonder... What is the minimum monthly income I'd need to survive on my own? Like, assuming BGP sells 25K copies and justifies this career choice, what would the long tail need to look like for me to sustain myself until the next game is finished?


     Well, the panel application deadline was last month and they're being reviewed by the BronyCon planners by now. I wonder if my panel submission got through? Speaking with the staff, they seemed to really like me the last couple times. I'm just hoping for another perfect time slot like before where I didn't overlap with any MLP staff panels or dance parties.

WIP version of pony storage.
     One last week to wrap things up. Today I'm beginning the two big, bad hard parts. Battle System and Cutscene Controller. Once those are out of the way, I can confidently blast through development.

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