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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #120 (Battling Works!)

     Playtesting this game is suddenly a lot more fun. Instead of rushing things out just to meet a self-imposed deadline, I'm going to finish what I promised and release a code-complete demo with a fully functional battle system. That'll probably take until at least this upcoming Friday, so look forward to that.
Here's what I deal with in regards to planning before I code something.
Try to write the logic out before I get myself tangled up in a mess.
Do it one piece at a time.
  • Fixed Nickname Bugs
  • Stats Menu Nickname (now yellow and always displays name)
  • Special Move Effects (leech, buff, debuff, malady)
  • Filled Spreadsheets with Data for Special Move Effects
  • Planned Cutscene System on Paper
     Lessons Learned:
  • Animating all these move effects is gonna be a pain.
       Getting each special move effect to work code-wise is incredibly tedious. But despite the arm cramps and falling asleep at my desk from logical problem frustration mixed with sheer boredom,  it's getting done. There's a few tricky moves left to work on that involve altering variables across multiple turns. I'm hoping to have all those sorted out before going to bed tonight.


     I confess to having lofty dreams of this game selling as well as typical Pokemon clones on the Google Play store. Raking in 1 to 5 million players on the free version and 100 thousand to 500 thousand players paying for the full version. From there, I'd expect word of mouth to get the game around for years to come and fund future projects.

     I want to grow my game budgets so I can do things like commission pixel artists and buy useful Unity tools to make creating future projects that much quicker and easier. Plus, it'd be cool to tour the country, showing off my games at indie game conventions like PAX.

     The march onward continues. It's gonna feel so good to finally have this game out and under my belt! Just hope it's received well. If Unicorn Training could briefly make it to the Top 10 RPGs two years ago, maybe this one can stay up there for years to come...

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