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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #122 (Get on Google Play Early Access)

     The Battle Gem Ponies beta has a new destination in mind... I want it on Google Play's Early Access to take advantage of some publicity and get it noticed by the Google Play editorial team. I think it could boost sales of the game significantly. Just gotta get a demo out to them months before the Christmas lockdown.
Waiting for the day I see BGP as an editorial top pick. Sure hope it impresses someone over there.

  • Rewrote Move Effects Code for Mixing & Efficiency (easier to add to the list now)
  • Battle Text for Move Effects
  • Malady System Planned
     Lessons Learned:
  • Getting onto Google Play Early Access may be my best bet in getting noticed. It's an opportunity designed, at least in part, for indies like me. I should take it.
       Feels like I stood in place spinning my wheels this week. I ended up rewriting a lot of the special attack code because I thought of a much more efficient way to do it that could save me from having to hardcode most of the 360 total moves. Now the code is easier for me to read, I can mix and match elements of each, and share simple functions instead of repeating them.

     I also ended up rewriting how maladies would work at least 4 times. Now I've settled on a straightforward true/false for each one (Burn, Poison, Sleep, etc.) and separated statuses (Protected, Airborne, Trapped, etc.) to their own category. I tried arrays, strings, and dynamic lists but things got too messy so I just simplified it all and now I can more easily connect the logic dots in my head.


Super late download chart this week. Could've sworn this devlog was published on Tuesday,
but it was only saved as a draft with the weekly download chart missing.

     Back to work. It's a shame I'm still not done with Demo 7 yet, but there's only one way forward so I'll keep marching.

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