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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #123 (Step-By-Step)

     Development is crawling along. Coding each attack move by using special keywords seems so simple in theory, but in practice, so many tiny things go wrong and break the battle system in a variety of brain-melting ways.

Get a peek at what was done this week below!

  • Fixed More Bugs in Special Move Code
  • Filled CSV With Default Move Effects
  • Logic Planned for Battle Text Describing Attacks
  • Some Story Characters Altered/Improved/Planned Out
  • New Ideas for Tutorial Written
  • New Gameplay Bugs Found & Noted
  • Cutscenes, Alpha Battles, Ultra Stones, Puzzles, and Ponipedia Pushed Back for Alpha
     Lessons Learned:
  • Promising a Code-Complete demo within 30 days was way more than I could chew. But I'll have something close to that by the 30th for sure.
  • Biggest thing I want done is a functioning battle system, no matter how ugly. And I'm just about done developing and testing that.
       Getting these moves to work the way I want them to is proving to be a serious annoyance, but that's exactly why I want it out of the way. It'll be so relieving to just work on crafting a memorable adventure after all this. Drawing sprites is way more fun than coding too.

     I just want the last 3 months of development to be smooth sailing with no doubt that I can actually finish this gigantic project.


Still amazes me how every day, hundreds of people discover something
I've made on the world's most crowded digital marketplace.
     Not much has changed since the belated post from yesterday. 😅


New video by Double Play!
     After taking off a weekend to go on theme park adventures with friends and take my mind off endless coding for a bit, I woke up to this in my YouTube notification box. A new Let's Play from someone super hyped for my game! Gave me just the morale boost I needed to start the work week.

     One last week of development and I'll put out a new demo for people to play. Demo 7 won't be as feature complete as I wanted it to be, but maybe that'll make the first Alpha build that much more impressive.

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