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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #124 (Stuck on Specials)

     Still working on making moves work properly, mostly struggling with making the changes display correctly. I have all the variables reacting how I want, but when animating them during the attack turn, things go haywire. The game is officially behind schedule, and I'm feeling the heat.

On top of all that, I'm feeling sick as all heck with a wicked cough.

500 trailer views!
Wrote a few drafts of how the panel description should go.
I find the Pokemon song reference (Alt 2) extremely cheesy,
but I think it will connect more with people than name-dropping
things from the Battle Gem Ponies story that nobody's ever heard of.
I'll also have my friend Robyn helping me out at the panel.
Maybe you've seen her around, cosplaying Doctor Whooves before.

  • Console Debug Logs for Every Tiny Calculation in Battle
  • Sketched Ultra Pony Ideas
  • More Random NPC Dialogue
  • New Panel Descriptions
  • BronyCon Panel Info Submissions
     Lessons Learned:
  • My god. I should've planned an entire month for the combat system. This is messier than I thought it'd be.
       Got sick this weekend and am currently spending a few day bed-ridden and coughing up rocks. I really wanna leap out of this mess and get closer to the map building part of BGP's development.



     Got some bad news in the mail... Looks like Battle Gem Ponies won't be at BronyCon in panel form. I'll still be there, but unless someone drops out, the game won't be onstage again. It's a blow to my marketing campaign, but not one I can't recover from. I'll still find some way to get the game in front of a million bronies by Christmas!

     But, in "things going well news", a senior editor at Engadget spotted me on Twitter and offered me a seat at an E3 indie discussion. But once again, my limited funding kills an opportunity because I have no way of attending E3. Flying over there, reserving a place to stay, and buying tickets to the show are all just way too expensive for someone dealing with double digit monthly income.

It's nice to be noticed though. Kinda validates time spent writing these blogs every week, ya know?

     I've still got so much work to do, but I'm almost at the fun part. Just gotta sweat through this last bit of hard coding...

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