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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #193 (Slow Week, Huh?)

     Believe it or not, once again there's little to talk about. Kinda sick of that being the news. Used to be much more exciting around here when I lived and breathed games day-in and day-out, huh? There's stuff I wanna dazzle you guys with in a couple days (hopefully the first video's up by my birthday on the 28th) but until then, not gonna count my Yoshi's before they hatch.

     Doesn't seem to make sense to keep posting weekly updates when next to nothing gets done in that amount of time anymore. The slow march towards release is going to be more excruciating than ever, and I don't want the wind to be taken outta my sails every 7 days when I realize I'm still not done with a feature that should've been completed a month ago if I was focusing full-time.

     I'm thinkin' maybe I'll do this up til Dev Blog #200, then just rely on the weekly scheduled uploads on videos and a monthly blog post jam-packed with info. Or maybe starting 2019 I'll just focus on videos completely and use this site for big announcements, character bios, and special editorials.

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