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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #194 (Speech Therapy)

Happy Halloween, Folks!

     Only thing scarier than the monsters out tonight is the possibility of Battle Gem Ponies getting delayed again. Amirite? Harharrr!

But really.

     You know how everybody hates the sound of their own voice in recordings? I've been tackling that uncomfortableness all week. The scripts may be written, but I swear saying all this stuff out loud is more difficult than I anticipated. So used to monologues with the voice in my head for decades, my poor mouth muscles can't keep up. 

     Tons of shoots and reshoots, capturing this narration while I adjust to pronouncing things clearly, using an audible voice, and not making any weird mouth noises. Ooohhh, it's a process alright. But at least they're coming along. Might be a week delay between each one until I get into the swing of things, but my YouTube channel is gonna be a lively place pretty soon. Keep an eye out.

Here's some gamedev words!

  • Recorded & Edited Voice for Video #1
  • Found Clips & Images to Use in Video
  • Followed Tutorials for HitFilm Express
  • Made a Practice Video
  • Updated Design Document Layout
  • Restructured Schedule Around 2019 (Development, Marketing, & Launch Plans)
     Lessons Learned:
  • Digging deeper and deeper, thinking long term lately. Work has me realizing once again, that all the programming and art work I do only comes so easy to me when it's for bringing a game idea to life. 
  • I much prefer doodling an idea on paper, explaining it to a coworker, have them take it for a day and come back to me the next with a realized version of it, plus their extra touches. 
  • Bringing that back to gamedev, if I could distribute the Battle Gem Ponies task list to a whole team of dedicated folks, with nobody carrying this overwhelming workload, this whole thing would be a lot less stressful.
  • Just been fantasizing about running a games studio lately. How that'd go down. What things to emulate. What qualities a leader needs. What I like/dislike about my current team's flow.
       I know I already said I figured this out after being bored to tears in Calculus class in college, but really. I just wanna be the Creative Director of a critically acclaimed studio, steering the ship, making awesome games for a living. Thinking up fun concepts and surrounding myself with the brightest minds to make the process even smoother.

     This week was mostly eaten up by apartment hunting and car shopping since I'm starting to receive paychecks now and can start putting money down on the big stuff. Despite the overload, I stay up a little later than I probably should just to make sure I get at least one hour of something BGP related done a day.

     Life's got me pretty exhausted and stressed, but knowing it'll get a lot easier just a couple months from now gives me enough hope to grind through.

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