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Friday, February 20, 2015

Battle Gem Ponies Music

     A soundtrack really makes a game memorable. You may not always notice it, but the music of a game is the emotional bridge to the player. You can often just listen to a song from a nostalgic game and instantly recall the feeling of playing it. When you face off against an epic legendary boss the music hypes it up even further. You'll even go out of your way to download that song so you can hear it again whenever you want.

     I want Battle Gem Ponies to be one of those games with music you never forget. Unfortunately I can't make music myself and learning how to do it well could take over a year. My solution is to get some help with this. I requested the help of electronic musician Justin Heng and orchestral composer Eric Eom to make the Battle Gem Ponies OST something worth searching for.

     Below the break I'll list all the music I plan to put in the game. There's nearly 50 songs and jingles total so expect it to feel fully featured.

Each track is listed next to a sample song that gives a decent example of what I'm looking for. The linked songs are from other games but give the feel I want my game to exude, or at least the basic idea.

Battle Music:

Town Music:

Route Music:

Event Music:
  • Instruction & Inspiration                     (Ruby Intro)
  • Heart Warming / Home                        (Undertale Home
  • Hectic Event                                        (Help! or Tension
  • Shifty Business                                    (Stark Mountain)
  • Legendary Event                                 (Deoxys or Distortion World [1:02 - 2:05])
  • Final Confrontation                            (Drizzle)
  • Paragon Overworld Theme                (Team Flare)
  • Trainer Pre-Battle Theme                  (Spotted You!)
  • Battle Victory Theme                        (LeafGreen)
  • Important Battle Victory Theme       (Omega Ruby)

Other Music:

  • Pre-Title                                             (HG/SS Intro - First 20 Seconds)
  • Got Item                                             (Item Get)
  • Got Key Item                                     (Twilight Princess or Golden Sun)
  • Leveled Up                                        (Lvl Up or Zelda)
  • Got Badge                                          (Badge Theme and ALttP Boss Victory)
  • Party Healed                                      (Pokemon Center)
  • Secret Revealed                                 (Like Zelda Chime)

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