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Friday, February 6, 2015

Dual Class Moves In BGP

     A big feature of Battle Gem Ponies are the moves with two elemental classes rather than the usual one you'd see in games like Pokemon or Final Fantasy. Some attacks are twice as weak against one class, but twice as strong against another. You also have to consider moves that match both the primary and secondary class of the user, leading to attacks dealing serious game-changing damage.

     Moves like Steam Burst (Aqua/Fire) and Wing Blade (Air/Steel) used by ponies with dual classes themselves makes players approach combat in new ways and possibly stand a chance against opponents that would normally have a class advantage.

(Note: This was going to be a much bigger post before I realized most of what I want to explain has been said in other posts or is in a weird state of changing as I keep rebalancing things. Next week's post will be about something new, for now, I really just want to get back to work so I have cool things to show you on Tuesday.)

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