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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #15 (Approaching 1st Deadline)

     Final week for BYOC prep! The race is on to get this game in a base-playable form for the masses. By the looks of things, only 5 other games are in the competition which greatly increases my chances of winning one of the top 2 prizes (both of which could be really useful).

Find GameDev stuff below!

  • Switching Mechanic (In-Code)
  • Varying Pony Sprite Rumbles Based On Damage
  • Re-Coded Pony Sprite Alignment
  • Team Select Menu Sprite Drafts
  • Cleaned Up Code (Much Easier to Read)
  • Dreamt Up Many Game Jam Ideas
  • Reserved BronyCon Hotel
     Lessons Learned:
  • Spent a bit too long on text boxes. There are more important things to work on for this demo.
  • I'll need a contingency marketing plan in case I don't get invited to BronyCon as a panel.
       I spent a lot of time getting the text box system to work more efficiently than it did in Unicorn Training. It's still not done so I tossed the task into my To-Do List of things post-BYOC. All I have to do is get the switching mechanic to show up in the battle scene, make the stat buff icons look nicer, make K.O.'s more flashy, and program the moves that change status effects. All before Saturday. Time to get to work.


   I am dangerously close to getting that Macbook after recieving some Easter gifts. About $350 to go! I may just have enough by mid-summer, opening up iOS for public play testing too! If I do get my hands on a Mac, one of the first orders of business is to get Unicorn Training up to try to make some money back.

     The question is, should I release Unicorn Training just before BGP to try to boost both games at once, or do I release it before BronyCon so I can tell people that they can get it on iOS or Android? Right now I'm thinking I should put Unicorn Training on iOS immediately, just to have it out there.

When I make a character worthy of Smash, I can die happy.
      Although it's unrelated to what I'm doing here, when the topic of the Smash Bros. Ballot came up, the choice I ended up sticking with was Shovel Knight. If he gets into Smash (right now, so close to it's release and boom) that opens up the floodgates for all indies. It would be insanely inspirational to dream that one day, a character I make could be in Super Smash Brothers, fighting alongside the gaming mascots that helped make me who I am today.

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