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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #18 (Game Jam & Macbook Confirmed)

     Mentally preparing to do nothing but develop this game. Last week was eaten up by the game jam (more on that this Friday), more group projects, and spending time with my girlfriend before entering a 3 month crunch over summer break. As far as progress goes, I finally have the means to port Unicorn Training to iOS and confirm that Battle Gem Ponies will be on iOS from day one!

For information on what's coming and what was done, head on down below the break!

Here's a message I sent to the super awesome PegaSix for advice.
We got a response last week and are on our way to making a chiptune BGP soundtrack.
And here's my Game Jam project: Phantom Dungeons.
Kill skeletons with a boomerang. That's as far as I got.
  • PCT Game Jam 2015 (12 Hour Challenge)
  • Class Playtest Feedback
  • Adjusted Class Match-Up Sprite
  • Elemental Particle Effect Sprites
     Lessons Learned:
  • I now know what I can get half a prototype done in a solid day of crunch.
  • Take Game Jam experience and use it to estimate how much I will do on a workday as an indie.
      I'm really glad about doing the game jam. I got to take a shot at a game idea I was saving for after Unicorn Quest. I think that after this I'll try for the Ludum Dare next year. I think a couple game jams a year would be good for my sanity going forward. I can even start planning around it and dedicate time after each major launch to polishing and strategically releasing a game jam project right between project release dates.

     Still no word from BronyCon. All letters go out at once so I'll know when the rest of the world does. Very nervous about it since this could really change my life.

At least I know why it's taking so long. Crossed fingers over here.


   Thanks to a couple donations from my family and girlfriend I finally made $1200! I can get that Macbook and make iOS apps now! When I go home for the summer I'll order it and get started with porting Unicorn Training. Sales are plateauing for it on Google Play and may just stay there almost indefinitely. Still making that $25 a month though! Hopefully I'll see a big jump when Unicorn Training hits iOS. Maybe it'll do better now that so many bugs have been removed.

      Getting close to the big summer crunch and I'm actually excited by the idea. I can't wait to spend 12 hours a day pushing Battle Gem Ponies towards an Alpha build. I'm even more excited about releasing each iteration along the way for people to try.

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