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Friday, April 17, 2015

BGP Pre-Alpha Task List (Stuff For Demo V2)

     At a loss on what to post since I'm working on everything besides the game this week (homework, tests, extra credit presentations, and trying Mewtwo in Smash). To put what's on my mind out into the world I decided to share my big ol' To-Do List that needs to be cleared before releasing my first BGP update over the internet. It's all copied straight from my iPod Notes app, separated by what I think I can accomplish in one sitting.

Check out the list of things to do below.

Dev Tasks:
  • New Swap Animation
  • Phase Timer (Lock Phase Speed)
  • Team KO
  • Stat Icons Between Turns
  • Pony Stats Menu
  • Bag/Inventory Menu
  • Potion-like Healing Item
  • Animated Shoreline Tiles
  • Move Functionality
  • Text Box System
  • Move Descriptions
  • After 1-5 Idles, Do Alternate Idle (Blink, Shake, Etc.)
  • All Pony Animations
  • Move Animations
  • Pony Overworld Following
  • New Overworld GUI
  • Moving Wild Pony Grass
  • All Test Map Tiles (Outdoor Only)
  • Build All Test Room Tile Maps
  • Wild Cave and Water Encounters
  • Trainer & Paragon Sprites, Dialogue, and Behavior
  • Trainer & Paragon Battles
  • Sound Effects
  • Balance Ponies
  • Coordinate a Demo Release
     I hope to get this all done before the end of May. If free time allows me, it can be done.

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