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Friday, April 3, 2015

BGP Demo Release Plans

     With the BYOC demo on the way I got to thinking about all the heck I'm in for as I work day and night to get this game out before the holidays. It's going to be one very busy summer. I just wanted to share what's to come playtest-wise.

Below the break you'll find my release plans for upcoming demos and the game's potential release date. Be warned! Things can change if big problems emerge.

  • Mid May - Pre-Alpha V1: 

  • 6-8 ponies, a limited selection of moves, basic battle features, and customization options as well as a small overworld to explore.

  • Late June - Pre-Alpha V2: 

  • A lot more ponies, a lot more moves, a bigger overworld (with NPCs, caves, a town, and trainers), shared screen multiplayer, and tons of polish.

  • Mid July - Pre-Alpha V3: 

  • In preparation for BronyCon, the game should be really far along. An early section of the adventure mode and tons of new content should be playable.

    If I can't present the game at a panel, I'll simply put up the build as a public playtest just before the convention instead of during it.

  • Late August - Pre-Alpha V4: 

  • An improved version of the BronyCon build should be playable. Hopefully every pony and every move should be in the game and in the balancing stage. Feedback here will be very influential.

  • Late September- Alpha: 

  • The game is basically done but I'll put out a call for a few testers at a time to play through the game and look for bugs. Online battles should be tested here. (Since it's turn based I don't expect too much trouble with lag.)

  • Mid October - Beta: 

  • The game is finished, but I'll be looking for last minute problems and getting all the ports in order. Open for public testing, playable up to just after the first maven. All data will be wiped and all test builds will disappear in November to make room for the real deal.

    Preparing for release!

  • Approx. November 14th - Gold/Release: 

  • The day I've been dreaming of.

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