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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #25 (E3 2015 Distractions)

     At this very moment I am in the process of moving a houseful of stuff from Pennsylvania to Florida so there isn't much time for gamedev. Even when all that gets settled, I have to catch up on E3. For those reasons I won't have download numbers ready this week. Hopefully things should be back up to speed by next Tuesday.

Get a very brief status report below.

Here's another thing I can't do. Need to be careful of how I word "Go to Title Screen" because the 
review team may thing I'm breaking the rules. It was a misunderstanding that hopefully got resolved.

  • New BGP Icon
  • Renamed Unicorn Training Demo For iOS (Now Called "Lite")
  • Credits Graphic (For the Demo)
  • Unicorn Training Accepted Into App Store
  • Animated Shoreline Map Tiles
  • Redesigned "Run" Feature in Wild Battles
  • Recoil & Attack Lunges On Battle Sprites
  • Auto-Center Pony Sprites in Stats Menu
  • Stored New Data Columns in Pony Spreadsheet & Move Spreadsheet
  • Ponies Roar & Animate When Tapped in Stats Menu
     Lessons Learned:
  • Even if my presentation runs short, I can rely on Q&A at BronyCon to fill in time.
  • Getting Hyped to Put BGP on the Windows 10 & 8 App Stores
  • The Brony fandom seems to be falling apart. Here are two rant examples of what I mean.
  • Even if MLP stops being popular I won't stop making games with the pony aesthetic. Like I said before, I just like the style. Cute little marshmallow ponies with super powers are awesome to me, and if they get abandoned I'll make them my own.

     I ended up making changes to the whole "Demo" model. Trials have to be called "Lite" versions to not be rejected. That makes since if they're trying to educate the audience so average app users know the difference between a product in development and one that is simply free without in-app purchase options.


     Does this count as a feature? I guess it has to for this week. Unicorn Training was accepted into the app store. All I have to do is press that button and the game comes out early... But I won't do that. My little game would drown in the sea of gaming news and people will be way too hyped up to buy something bigger and better. I need to give it a week for the E3 hype to settle at least a little.

     What I plan to do at the BronyCon panel runs through my head every day now. I'm finally starting to get nervous about the whole thing. Other developer panels have a whole team go up but none of my musicians can make it. It'll be just me and my girlfriend (in the role of the playtester). Maybe with some rehearsal we can both be ready to answer things in the Q&A segment. I may just let the game do most of the talking, but a PowerPoint explaining future plans might be more substantial.

     A whole post will go up once I get this all figured out. For now, I look to other panel examples to see what I can learn about presenting a game at a pony themed convention.

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