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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #26 (Post E3, Post Big Move, Still Exhausted)

     Literally nothing got done this week gamedev-wise. All week I've been building furniture, carrying heavy objects, doing shopping trips, and general errands for my Dad to help him settle into a a house in Florida. Silly me thought this would take up 7 days max and only 4 would be spent away from my own work. Never have I been so wrong.

     The thought of not being ready for BronyCon is depressing, but if that means cutting off a couple more hours of sleep each night to just barely make it, then that's what I'll have to do. Battle Gem Ponies going well is the only way I can move out to get a place of my own (where I can concentrate more on development). Believe me when I say, I want nothing more than that freedom.

  • Caught up on E3
     Lessons Learned:
  • I haven't received any payments from Opera because their payout threshold is $200 and I've only sold 28 units since Unicorn Training was put on their store.
  • Huge setbacks happen. Sometimes they can be really huge. It's annoying, so plan for them by giving yourself at least a month of leeway.
  • This break from BGP has me eager to jump back in. I daydream about the panel all the time. So many ways to go about it. I just want people to like the game and like me enough to follow it.
       I have only opened Google Chrome and my desktop folder on this computer since arriving. Absolutely no time to develop anything. As far as Unicorn Training Lite goes it just went back into review tonight so tomorrow I'll see if it gets rejected for being a trial again.


   This is serving as a reminder that I am a developer now. A small one, sure, but still one of those guys I revere walking onstage and being interviewed during E3. I could sit down with any of them and have plenty to talk about. It's just $30 a month, but I am making money from bashing on a keyboard all year and hoping something amazing happens.

Must've left  positive impression to be put on as the header.
The writer wants a demo soon. So I'm gonna deliver. 
     Equestria Gaming lives! This site has been quiet for a long time which was sad for me since it's such a perfect place to introduce bronies interested in indie games to my own pony-themed work.

You can find the whole compilation here.

Can't express how stressful and draining this week has been.
Kinda just want to unwind, but I'm on a time crunch here.
      I'm aching from the labor, and may spend all Friday playing my favorite game  (Smash Bros. for WiiU) just to physically and mentally unwind once all this moving chaos is said & done. Until then, there's a to-do list that needs to shrink and I only have about a month to shrink it. One week behind schedule is 7 days too many. I cannot miss the BronyCon panel deadline.

My professional career is at stake here.

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