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Friday, June 19, 2015

New Florida Workstation & BronyCon CHAOS!!!

Dad's Florida House
Moving here once I graduate.
     So I finally made it to my new workplace in the sunshine state. Sadly there's no chair, but I'll get one later. Many things were lost in the move, but Battle Gem Ponies wasn't one of them. Now That I'm (nearly) settled in I can get back to work on the demo for BronyCon! Speaking of which...

     I'm in trouble. The day I moved out I got the panel followup message I've been waiting months for. Sadly I had no internet access until just yesterday and ended up missing a big deadline. Hopefully everything works out but if not, I just lost the opportunity of a lifetime.

A form was due on the 15th and somehow I didn't get the message I've been searching for every morning and night.
Really hope there's forgiveness for unfortunate circumstances.

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