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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #36 (RoShamBo & Top Secret Sprites)

     So things are settling down now as an idea has been chosen and pitched for my senior capstone class. I'm going with a simple Rock, Paper, Scissors RPG that will require me to make all the overworld assets needed for Battle Gem Ponies in order to get 2 things done at once.

Shifting into high gear this week in gamedev. Check out the details below.

My capstone pitch.
A 20 second mock-up of the battle screen for RoShamBo.
Based on Earthbound. Trying to keep this one simple.
  • 4 More Pony Sprites
  • Plans for a Kinect Minigame School Project
  • Plans for Capstone (Rock, Paper, Scissors RPG)
  • New Title Screen Idea
  • New Title Logo Draft Sketches
     Lessons Learned:
  • Amazon Underground's Actually Free Campaign brings new hope to mobile. I like seeing a morally conscious future.
  • Using Lineart looks like a major headache. Maybe I should figure out the whole 3D Graphics thing instead.

       I figure I'm better off coming up with pony sprite designs 6 at a time and making them in-between bigger coding tasks. My mind likes variety and sticking with one aspect of game development for too long leads to me banging my head against the wall or having pixelated fever dreams. A total of 60 ponies and 39 ultra forms all need to be fully animated, then another 335 moves need to be animated as well. Breaking them up like this will keep game development from feeling like an endless grind. This also lets me show them off whenever I need an extra Friday post.

1000 Google Play downloads for Adventures in Equica!
    I checked some old records and noticed I've still never received payment from Apple for Unicorn Training. Upon some digging I discovered my first deposit from them is coming September 3rd. A little over 2 months after launch. So from now on, I can expect iOS revenue to be 3 months behind schedule. Or at least initially since it may catch up next month.

    It's a wait-n-see since I have no idea how they're doing this or how having a release date later in the month effects when Apple can pay you.

These are the retention rates on Google Play. Nearly 600 people still have Unicorn Training on their device.
Can YOU spot the Yotes in this picture? 0_o
     Well, I'm not called by name, but I'm in the thumbnail of this BronyCon Recap Video. Skip to 5 minutes in to see me and my girlfriend staring at a giant Twilight Sparkle plush. The video was posted by one of the Horseshoe Crew guys I've been following over the years and I'm in the background in a few of his uploads. I'm starting to appear subliminally in things! Hooray? At least I'm excited. Lit up when I saw a thumbnail of myself in my subscription box.

    The game has come so far but still has so much further to go. Finishing this will be my greatest life accomplishment and I'm incredibly hyped to have a near-finished product in time for next BronyCon. July 8th is less than a year away. Time to get things done.

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  1. I would love to see a fully 3D Unicron training game once you get more experienced in that feild