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Friday, September 25, 2015

Confirmed Capture Gems

     In Battle Gem Ponies you capture the magical essence of a wild pony and keep it inside of something called a Command Gem. You use this Command Gem to transform your pony into whatever pony/stat/moveset combination you want. You have a pony trainer device that holds up to 3 of these Command Gems. The device takes the unique signature of the gem and transfers it to your pony, allowing you to swap through forms as if the device were a TV remote.

     To claim a wild pony's signature for your own pony you'll need to use that same device to scan, copy, then print the signature onto empty Command Gems called Capture Gems. Once a Capture Gem holds a pony's signature, it becomes a Command Gem.

     Capture Gems come in a number of different forms and using the right kind under the right circumstances makes the capture process much easier. Get a list of all the different ones below.

Official Capture Gem List
     Of course there will be varying prices, certain gems will be exclusive to certain shops, and getting the pony you want inside of the gem design you want will be a self-imposed challenge for extra fun. Good luck getting an Alicorn into a Prime Gem oatmeal challengers.

     My big feat will be getting all this to make sense in as few words as possible. It's an important game mechanic as well as an important piece of lore. It;s still a draft for now, but I'm growing more confident with this version of the concept.

     Later I'll talk specifically about "the device" as well as how capture gameplay works. Right now I'm still focused on the upcoming demo which won't have these features running.

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