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Friday, September 11, 2015

BGP Roster Info #3 (Rainbryte, Malduin, & Frufang)

     Time to introduce some awesome new ponies! Remember those secret sprites I keep mentioning in DevLogs? These are the finished versions of those. Sure, they'd look better animated, but that won't be for another few months. Right now these guys mostly just exist in text form. I figure that having at least a primary sprite done for each pony will help out tons with seeing the final vision of the game and coming up with info to fill in the blanks on my BGP spreadsheets.

Get some info on the Rainbryte, Frubat, and Malduin ponies below.

Example Moves: Rainboom | Sky Slam | Filly Flash | Wonder Bullet
Ability:  Takeoff | Neutral class moves become Air class moves.

     This cocky Air/Light class pony is always ready for battle. Rainbryte is the fastest pony in the game. Scientists say lightspeed travel is impossible, but if anypony could come close, it'd be this one. She's based on Rainbow Dash, known for breaking the sound barrier and color spectrum as well as kicking a Transformer's butt.
Her pose was inspired by this.
(from Fighting is Magic)
     Rainbryte has an aggressive stance. She paws at the ground like she's ready to charge. Her ATK stat is notably higher than it's EATK, and she can definitely take a beating as well as dish one out. This is one of the first ponies I imagined when thinking up this game. A spiky haired rainbow pony with attitude and speed. All those attributes get amplified when going ultra.

Example Moves: Glare | Pursuit | Poison Fang | Blood Siphon
Ability:  Harvest |  Get 20% more HP from healing items.

     Frufang! The Air/Dark terror of the night sky. This one is based on Flutterbat, the first thing to come to mind when I told myself this game needed at least one batpony. Sadly there aren't many of those this time around, but I do have ideas for more stashed away. This pony just took priority over the others.

     Fun fact: she was originally called Frubat, a play on Zubat, and her design was based around trading some of Crobat's speed for health and strength. Her ultra form however will be a super speedy, beefed up Crobat with large wings and everything.

     I spent a lot of time deciding between short hair and long hair, but ended up going halfway. One style was short and spiky, the other dangled while her tail touched the ground. I swapped the light lavender and purple hair look with dark, bloody colors to give a Castlevania feel.

     Liking the way this one turned out. When animated she'll be constantly flapping to stay airborne. I'd like to have a lot of different pony animations and body types/positions early on so later ponies are easier to make. My pony parts library is ever increasing thanks to ponies like Frufang.

Example Moves: Draconic Fury | Evil Pulse | Conjured Flames | Razor Wing
Ability:  Thrash |  When low on health, ATK sharply increases.

     Now here's a true Draco class beast that wants to wreck shop. I wanted an Alduin pony for the game's villain. The most fearsome looking dragon pony I could make. A mix of Xenoir, Maleficent's dragon form, and a Charizard came to mind. This is the Paragon Cartel Boss's lead pony. It's menacing, powerful, and very rare with an ultra form that will deserve it's own boss music and thunderstorm. If Xenoirs are henchmen then this is their leader.
So much tweaking. I had no idea how to approach the face.
Keeping it pony-like was a challenge.
     To keep it looking like a pony instead of just a dragon I didn't add claws or fiery ankles. The tail looked plain and lizard-like at first so I tried putting fire, spikes, then a fin on the tip. I stuck with the fin because it reminded me of Toothless, one of my favorite dragons. I tried keeping the hooves and snout of a pony, but this is definitely the most extremely draconic pony in the game. And remember, all Battle Gem Ponies are female. I'm going with dinosaur rules here in that not all female animals need to look feminine.
      So these are the ponies that rule the skies... An awesome looking bunch if you ask me. Expect some cuter ponies next week to even out the naughty/nice ratio. I make 6 of these pony sprites at a time and this is just the first half. Let me know if you have a favorite in the comments. Tell me what you like or don't like about the sprites. Feedback will influence the next set of ponies I draw.

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