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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #39 (NPC Templates, Personal Finance, & Project Planning)

WIP from making a background character template.
     Time to work on the overworld now! I've spent enough time in idea world for now, I think. Time to make an island I can walk around and do stuff on. First step is getting a bunch of sprites and tilesets ready. Next I'll be putting things into place and coding how they interact with each other. As always, the vision becomes more clear every week.

Check out this week in gamedev below the break.

Sooo many spreadsheets... And it feels so good.
tvOS, huh? Guess I better make BGP compatible with this thing.

  • Balanced & Edited Pony Abilities, Items, Names, Flavor Text, Etc.
  • NPC Overworld sprite Templates (Male & Female)
  • Listed Exact NPC Types to Make
  • Practiced Filing Tax Forms
  • Researched Apartments in Florida (Again)
  • Got a Ton of Friends to Like Yotes Games on Facebook
     Lessons Learned:
  • Just everything mentioned in the 50 Steps to Indie Success list.
  • My detailed task list for Capstone class is keeping me on track.
  • The DevLog last week pretty much covered exactly why gem augments won't be a thing anymore, so there's really no reason to spend this Friday's post on that.
       Looking for apartments in Florida once again. I lost my old list due to computer shenanigans and need to make some new ones to find a place to live after graduating this year. I'll need a space to work and play at a reasonable price. Finding some top candidates now will help me settle on a number. That number will have to be much smaller than whatever income I can expect to have.


   Steady numbers, but small ones. I guess things will be slowing down sooner than I wanted. Unicorn Training  has long plateaued and fewer people are being drawn to this blog.

    I'll need to start getting Battle Gem Ponies out there more. If more people find the blog through BGP, more people will find Unicorn Training and probably buy it. Maybe I'll try sending something to Equestria Daily again?

Let's see if this is newsworthy post-BronyCon.


     I consider this a Facebook win. I passed 110 likes! Facebook will probably be my #1 hype headquarters leading up to launch so getting that number ever higher is a major help. If you find yourself checking this website every week, there's really no reason not to like the page. You get more photos (sometimes a week early) and a comfortable commenting space. If Micromon could get 720K for launch day, I want to have at least 20K (hoping that's not too extreme for expectations). Meaning I've got a long way to go and a lot of marketing to do.


    I spend all my zone-out time thinking about the future these days. Dreaming of a place to call my own, money that I can spend on things I want, and playing Battle Gem Ponies online with absolute strangers who adore it. I want to be future me more than anything. Trouble is, I've got to climb uphill for a couple years to get there.

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