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Friday, December 4, 2015

BGP Battle Items (Part 3/3)

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     All 75 equipable items are finally out there for the world to see. I'm keeping things pretty simple for this first game, but will definitely try to come up with much crazier (riskier) stuff to load up ponies with. Possibly even items designed for specific team match-ups.

     This will be the final Battle Items post (unless more are added way later in development). Check out the remaining 25 below the page break. (Part 1, Part 2)

Rodeo Rope:
  • Boost power of trap moves and increases their duration.
Rubber Boots:
  • Lessens damage received from Surge attacks by 25%.
Saddle Shell:
  • Raises DEF by 5% and protects holder from critical hits.
Sand Stone:
  • Doubles the duration of sandstorms.
Scorch Hooves:
  • Chance to inflict burn with each contact attack.
Shin Guards:
  • Lessens damage received from Ki attacks by 25%.
Shine Stone:
  • Creates sunshine whenever weather is normal.
  • Boosts the power of Ice moves by 25%.
Speedy Hooves:
  • Lightweight horseshoes that may allow attacking first.
Spiky Saddle:
  • Damages foes that attack the holder with contact moves.
Spirit Token:
  • Boosts the power of Ghost moves by 25%.
Stable Shoes:
  • Horseshoes that prevent the pony from staggering.
Steed Shield:
  • Lessens damage received from Steel attacks by 25%.
Sweetie's Bell:
  • Heals a bit of HP each turn.
  • Rock solid and protects pony from staggering.
Title Belt:
  • Boosts the power of class advantage moves by 20%.
Tomra's Charm:
  • Boosts the power of Earth moves by 25%.
  • Opponent cannot control holder's gem switching.
Ultra Stone:
  • Allows ultra transformations (possibly requires a hidden meteorite for each pony).
Umbra Halo:
  • Boosts the power of Dark moves by 25%.
Volt Battery:
  • Boosts the power of Surge moves by 25%.
Wacky Glasses:
  • Boosts the power of Chaos moves by 25%.
Warrior Band:
  • Boosts the power of Ki moves by 25%.
Winter Cloak:
  • Lessens damage received from Ice attacks by 25%.
Witch Hat:
  • Boosts the power of Magic moves by 25%.
       This concludes the battle items list for Battle Gem Ponies. So many of these are similar enough to not be too much hassle on the programming side of things. Balancing everything with every combination will probably be the hard part. All there is to do now is get to it...

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