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Friday, December 18, 2015

BGP Collectible Items

Wind Waker HD  Mock-up Screen
     These here are the basic items of Battle Gem Ponies. Not potions, capture gems, or anything equipable. Just some ideas for random stuff the player can pickup. The ones listed below all do something, but if the story requires it, I can toss in some extras for fetch quest and delivery type stuff. Get an eyeful of items below.

Jewel Berry:
  • Raises a pony's level by 1.
  • Rare meteorite debris that can be sold for lots of bits.
Muscle Cupcake:
  • Raises a pony's attack stat in battle.
Griffon Stone:
  • Rare golden ore that can be sold at a very high price.
Star Cupcake:
  • Permanently raises a pony's energy attack stat.
Shield Cupcake:
  • Permanently raises a pony's defense stat.
Bubble Cupcake:
  • Permanently raises a pony's energy defense stat.
Heart Cupcake:
  • Permanently raises a pony's health stat.
Cloud Cupcake:
  • Raises the maximum GP of a chosen move for one pony.
Sky Cupcake:
  • Permanently raises a pony's speed stat.
Red Herb:
  • Revives all of the holder's HP when it gets low on health.
Green Herb:
  • Revives all of the holder's GP when a move runs out.
White Herb:
  • Cures any major malady inflicted on the holder.
Smoke Pellet:
  • Ensures escape from wild pony battles.
       I originally planned for a collectible called a Chroma Scale that, when used, would change your pony's color scheme to a nice looking alternate one. Due to being short on time (having to recolor them all would be a nightmare and just shifting sprite hues has disappointing results) I'll be saving that idea for a followup title.

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