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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #61 (Magfest 2016)

     This week completely consisted of Magfest. I met contacts, attended tons of panels, made some friends, saw some awesome people, got inspired to cosplay hardcore next year, and danced my feet straight off. Game development will resume tomorrow as the dust settles and I get caught up on the school work that was tossed aside.

The multi-hit icon looks better big. I also made it vibrate.
Had a great time at Magfest with some super fans of Undertale.
Went with my buddy Mike
and girlfriend Karissa.
  • Enjoyed MAGfest
  • Made Tumblr Contacts
  • Attended Game Developer's Panels
  • Participated in a 1 Hour Game Jam
  • Spoke to GLaDOS Voice Actress Ellen McLain at a Panel (and in an elevator)
  • Spoke to Creator of Spooky's House of Jumpscares
  • And Met Many More Internet Stars I've Loved for Years (see some below)
  • Won a Smash Bros Sudden Death Match in Front of a Large Crowd
  • Grew Multi-Hit Indicator
     Lessons Learned:
  • Battle Gem Ponies would be a great fit for Magfest's Indie Showcase Room.
  • It feels weird not to cosplay at a convention this size.
  • I'm pretty good at Smash Bros with Cloud.
       Instead of posting or linking to the hundreds of Magfest pictures I have, I'll just share a few here.

I saw awesome cosplays

Went to an awesome Ninja Sex Party
Danced to a live version of my iPod thanks to DJ Cutman 
Got blessed by Raptor Jesus
Made a team game jam idea about being late to your own funeral
Got a pic with AVGN (which made my girlfriend cry)
Saw Mykah in person 
Talked with James Landino twice
Met Grimecraft after watching him on Kinda Funny all the time

And stood by helplessly as Kari murdered The Living Tombstone


Over 25K people tried the BGP demo on Google Play alone!  
I bet most people are using mediafire to play the BGP demo.
   Don't really expect a surge in sales after Magfest since I wasn't a panelist there. I carried my Clover plush around and sat with it in panels, so I like to think I at least did some subconscious advertising.


     My Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr pages have been blowing up with activity since the con. Even got some internet celebrity retweets that should bring some new eyes this way.


    Still waiting for YouTube recordings of the stuff I did at Magfest to surface. When I find stuff I'll share them in a devlog like I did with BronyCon.

    I face school again this week and am not looking forward to it. Just 3 more months and I'll be out for good. Hope to have a demo out before mid-March so I stay on track.

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