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Friday, February 19, 2016

Unlocking Category Matches in BGP

     I wanted to explain an idea I had a couple weeks back. It's about rewarding the player for playing random matches against strangers online. It's also about keeping special category pony selection relevant despite the small total of 60 different ponies to collect.

     Category matches in MLP are the equivalent to fan made Pokemon tournament rules like "Fire only" or "Little Cup" in which the only monsters you're allowed to compete with need to fit within that classification. A big feature I want BGP to have is an automatic rotation of category matches that fit with the seasons.

     I want a ghost/dark only Spooky Cup near Halloween and a Snowy Cup in winter and other monthly/biweekly challenges. I think it'll keep the community active, get people to try new pony teams, and let new people stand atop the leaderboards as a new fresh slate is made each time it changes. Alongside that I want a daily challenge that cycles more frequently as to keep the attention of daily users who could easily get bored and move on to the next mobile game.

    Time zones are going to make this a tricky thing to pull off universally, but since users need to be on the internet to participate, I can force the cups to sync with EST for simplicity and alert players when the challenge is about to change in-game.

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