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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #102 (Pony Surfing in the USA)

I can't get over how cool this is.
     The pony surfing mechanic is so fun and feels so good that I feel like doing even more with it. All I had in mind before was quickly traveling across water, diving into a secret dungeon, and navigating whirlpool puzzles. Now I feel like adding some simple minigames and speed challenges to make the Sapphire Sea segment of the game even more fun.

     It'd be so great to have it be the opposite of the Hoenn ocean segment and be one of this game's highlight moments instead of a boring grind like ocean exploration parts feel like in Wind Waker and Pokemon Emerald. Plus, this gives players a way to bond with their pony. Can't help but love your little buddy a bit after speeding around like this.

Get a few GameDev Updates below!

New features can't come without their fair share of bugs, you know.
Explored the Wet Mountains for a bit.
Then there was that time Orscina just wouldn't stop...
We flew straight off the map!

  • Pony Surfing Implemented
  • Teleportation Implemented
  • Surfing Bugs Fixed
  • Edited Move Tutors Scattered Across the Map (new Wing Blade one added too)
  • New Move Customization Functionality (move tutors still not finished though)
  • Pushed Furum & Joyance Implementation Back (to the 2nd Greenlight build)
     Lessons Learned:
  • It's amazing what can be accomplished in just a couple hours when you're in the zone.


Unicorn Training players into 6 digits on a single platform.
That's pretty cool.
     Shoutout to the one guy who bought Unicorn Training on Itch last Thursday! Nobody purchased that game since it went up over there. About 5 paying customers total and the other 413 downloads came from that week I had the game available for free. All You da MVP.

Oh. I guess I crossed it.
You can join in too!
     Got over 200 likes on Facebook! I want to catch up to The Overmare Studios' 2,300 during the Greenlight campaign and really get things rolling. Getting the word out for releases will be a lot easier if everybody gets notified on the platforms they use every day. I need to get on people's Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook feeds.

     I'm shuffling plans around and keeping my schedule as neat as possible to keep focused. Every time I go to sleep, some small extra thing is added to the game. Taking this on one day at a time.

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