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Friday, December 30, 2016

Making 2017 My Year

     This is it. Go For Broke! 2017 has to be the year Yotes Games either becomes a respected name in the industry, or I find out Battle Gem Ponies was a miserable failure. Either I release a successful game and finally move into a home of my own, or sweep up the pieces of my shattered pride and find a job as an entry-level designer somewhere.

     I'm kicking the year off fanfare by releasing Battle Gem Ponies on Steam Greenlight at 10:00am January 1st. All hope lies on that getting some games media attention and giving me some indication that the 25K minimum customer count is possible.

     Life is hard. Indie development is risky. The unknown future is scary. But I gotta go for it to get the good ending, you know? The year 2016 curb-stomped a lot of people, and I certainly haven't healed yet. And I'm certainly not the only one taking new year's resolutions seriously this time around. Things really need to change, and at the very core of it all, the best way I could improve my life is by getting the finished version of this game out there.

     So here's to the final sprint! One last crunch-tastic year to finishing Battle Gem Ponies once and for all! To finally putting my dream RPG out there for others to find, play, and love! To finally obtaining financial independence and living with the freedom I dreamt of for at least a decade now!

Here's to making the greatest super-powered pony RPG anyone's ever seen!

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