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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #103 (Your Moves)

     Feels good having this functional. The moves are the juicy flavor centers in this metaphorical meal of a game. Scrolling through what your pony can learn and seeing what they can do delivers on that RPG feel really well. Now I just have to animate a bunch of them for the demo!

Here's the final version.
Only applicable gems in your party can be selected.
  • Finalized & Tested Move Customization
  • Custom Gem Nicknames
  • Party/Pool Size Variance (doesn't always need 6)
  • Holiday Matsuri
     Lessons Learned:
  • Beware the Con Flu (sanitize often, fist bumps only)
  • Found out that even a gamedev hero of mine, Bobby of Ponett, has a Patreon
       Always up for exploring new conventions. These are where you can meet lifelong friends after all. It can even be helpful in career networking or marketing your own products, services, or skills. Who knows? Maybe I'll host a panel or something at a future HolMat some distant day...


     Numbers that I hope turn into dedicated followers. Got a few more Facebook page likes after getting my game in front of people at the con. Friend likes count, so it can't hurt to ask em to give you a thumb up, right?



     Kinda got some con flu, but trying to work through it anyway because Greenlight is weeks away. More and more minor features are being pushed back and at this rate version 6 might as well be the Greenlight version and 7 can release as a "We made it!" update.

     Upcoming Demo Naming Schemes: "Greenlight Demo", followed up by "Pre-Alpha" after getting greenlit, then Alphas 0.1 - 0.3 starting in late February.

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