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Monday, September 9, 2013

Free AND Profitable?

    Some games are perceived as worth paying $30 - $60 for and others just aren't worth a dollar. The line between them can get pretty thin but the bottom line is if you want your game to be a hit in today's crowded downloadable market you need to have a competitive price. A few years back there was a race to $0.99, but now it's a race to $0. Winners of the race capitalize later by finding other ways to make money from a small percentage of the millions of players who give them a chance. Making games is hard and expensive, and developers have to make money somehow so we can keep making games. The best ways to do so are with advertisements and microtransactions. There is a certain amount of ethics for devs to consider when using the two, and I'm searching for a way to make money on free games while giving players who want to help me out a way to do so and be rewarded. Nobody likes a demo in disguise and I don't want customers regretting their purchases when it comes to spending money on stuff from me.

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  1. What a lot of devs do is give the option to support them via paypal or other online donation services. You can add a "Donate" button right to your blog somewhere that has a nice little reminder message that basically sums up the fact that'd if the person visiting the blog enjoys your work, it'd be really cool of them to make a donation of an amount of their choosing, to help support you and keep you doing what you do.