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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just Being There

   There really is something magical about just being in the same room with people creating a game. I can feel the warm fuzzies drifting through the air emitting from each person involved. Last night I was in the same room as four of my friends were coming up with ideas for a horror game they were doing for their college project while working on a game mechanics document for mine. Watching their design process as an outsider was just so inspirational and insightful to me. They all took turns speaking and building on one another's ideas. I get to compare their way of doing things with my own and observe their individual creative personalities and how they blend together to form an actual product. I stayed quiet and let them do their thing for  the most part, only saying things to build on jokes and suggesting a clever name for the main character (which they actually decided to go with). I honestly can't wait to see how their project turns out in comparison to the one they described to each other.

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