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Friday, September 20, 2013

Why Does This Happen?

   Just when I thought I was done... Errors. Errors everywhere. I fought off the horde as best I could. I narrowed them down to their leader, but there was no way to kill it. Yesterday, 3:00 am and drowsy, I gave up tangling with Unity's error messages when trying to save my project form the horrible mistake I made of attempting to delete the Facebook SDK. I had IAP up and ready for testing, I installed AdMob banners correctly too. I even got Facebook and Twiiter integration working smoothly with a simple line of OpenUrl() code without any use of plugins. But dummy me decided to do a bit of housekeeping and get rid of a useless Facebook plugin folder. That was a move in direct violation of my NEVER delete ANY scripts or assets rule (which is where most of my headaches come from). Now I have to figure out how to salvage TriGrid and get it out ASAP.

   Moral of the Story: Don't stay up coding if you're falling asleep.
   You'll make some colossal mistakes. 

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