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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Status Report #5

   Two games down and five more to go on the quest for making my dream game. The concept and simple GDD of the next game is finished and I made a few mock-ups to see how to put it together. I'd say this week was a pretty good checkpoint. See a list of accomplishments below.
  • TriGrid Complete! (For Android)
  • Concept & mock ups for next game prepared

   I'm still waiting for the iOS version to go through, I really appreciate Google Play's sink or swim mentality by just tossing your app out there within a few hours. For future games, if I want a solid release date, I have to wait for the iOS submission to go through and go from there.

  Next week I start making assets (sprites, sounds, etc.) for the Game #3 and begin week 1 of 5 in my attempt to make a fun and beautiful game quickly. But for now, my school is hosting a Comic-Con. Maybe I'll learn something and meet somebody who will inspire me.

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