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Friday, October 4, 2013

Next Game Revealed! (Game #3)

     Candy Catch Shop is on it's way to iOS and Android by the end of October and I'm finally ready to talk about it! Catch the description of it after the break.

     Candy Catch Shop is a game where you catch falling candy in a bowl that can be in one of three positions: left, right, and center.  There are 3 types of falling candy: Good, Rotten, and Time Candy. There is a timer of 60 seconds that counts down to zero and once it reaches zero the game is over. Catching Good Candy adds 1 second to the clock (but 60 is the maximum) and catching Rotten Candy takes away 10 seconds.

     There is a combo system that increases the value of candy caught in quick succession. The value of each Good Candy can be between 1 and 5 points depending on how high the combo is. The candy bowl slowly fills up with Good Candy to represent the combo value. Catching Rotten Candy empties the bowl and rests the combo.

     Over time the candy falls faster and the percentage of Rotten Candy appearing increases. Catching Time Candy will reset the speed to its slowest pace and adds up to 20 seconds to the timer. Players can activate the Time Candy at any time, even if you lose and reset, because they are saved to the device. To use a Time Candy, players press a “Slow” button between the move buttons.

     Time Candy is rare but can also be purchased in packs of 5 in the main menu. For $0.99. The game is free and supported by ads in the main menu scene.  Players can also post hi-scores on Facebook or Twitter for a little competitive challenge between friends.

Here are the two concept images for the game:

     The idea came from playing Chansey's Egg Emergency minigame in Pokemon Stadium 2 and wishing the game was randomized and went on forever. Then I thought about how easily I could do that myself. I also figured it would be great practice for making a fun (and possibly addictive) game in a small amount of time.

      So now I'm set to go. I'm giving myself 5 weeks to make this game, start to finish. I want it done by October 28th (my 20th birthday) as a way of celebrating how far I've come since 10th grade, when I first started programming. It'll allow me to prove to myself that I can make a quality product quickly and give me another title to put on my portfolio.

      Mobile games that are small, free, addictive, and offer depth for skilled players tend to do really well and Candy Catch Shop just may get me noticed on the app store. I might even make some money to help out my parents with next semester's tuition, so we'll see how this goes.

     I can't wait to add this game to the Yotes Games family. It's a sweet and colorful addition that contrasts with the neon-space theme of TriGrid and the underwater worlds of Fish Feaster. And if anything, it might be the most fun game I've made yet.

     Keep an eye out for Candy Catch Shop  later, I'll be posting something new about it at least once a week until it's out.

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