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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Immersion Makes the World

     When you get into a game, and I mean really into, it'll stay with you as a life experience forever. I notice a big difference in the amount of investment I give a game when I feel like I'm in the world. I find myself pouring hours into games like Pokemon, GTA, Zelda, and Skyrim because I play games for escapism. To forget my worries for an unspecified amount of time so I can explore, overcome fantasy conflict, and just have fun.

     To make an RPG people can immerse themselves in is a dream of mine. I want to build a world people want to spend time in. Games that achieve this are the ones I love most and want there to be more of. Being able to put all my worries aside, even for just a moment, is the biggest reason I play games. It makes me incredibly happy and I just can't seem to give the feeling justice with words.

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