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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Status Report #7

   Sprites are done, but sounds are next. I may get started with coding in the meantime though. Candy Catch is on it's way and I'm going to be distracted with playing Pokemon Y with my girlfriend very soon. See what I DID do all week after the break.
  • Promotional Art & app icons
  • Updated site to include Candy Catch Shop info
  • Main Menu leads to gameplay scene
  • Picked up Pokemon Y
  • Chose Fennekin and Charmander
   I don't count on getting much done this week but I feel as though the bulk of the work is over. I have the code for the game just about planned out. All I have to manage is the falling candy and catch combo system. That's a lot less work than I'm used to so it should be a snap.


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