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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Status Report #6

   I started Candy Catch Shop last Sunday and have made tons of sprites and a design document so far. Midterms are coming up and interfering with my development time but I should still get things done on time for release.
  • GDD planned out
  • Game Assets (sprites)

     As you can see, the final sprites look a lot better than the mock-ups. Big thanks to Gimp 2.0! My favorite sprite making program. Seeing the art really gets me pumped  to make this game. I can tell it's going to be beautiful. just 4 weeks to go!

   I'm still working on the sound effects and particle effects I'll need for Candy Catch Shop so not all the assets are complete. But the sprites are looking good. I'm going to finish them up before I jump into Unity's code editor and start putting my coding plans to work.

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