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Friday, October 18, 2013

Reasons To Play

     There are loads of different reasons why people play video games, but their reasons are not the same as their favorite aspects. You could say you love challenge, exploration, or competition, but do you know why? What things in your life brought you to the point where you'd rather play Minecraft than League of Legends

     Asking myself these questions I get the answers I repeat all the time. I like exploration games and fantastic adventures to see things I've never experienced before and enjoy escaping into a fantasy world while my problems fade away until further notice. What brought me here was years of stress and not wanting to be myself. I don't mean myself as in who I am, because I like everything about me. It just feels tough, like I'm playing life in Hard Mode in hopes of a bigger reward. 

     So what do you like most about video games? What elements of your favorite games do you enjoy most? Why do you like that so much?

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