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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #45 (Tile Layers, Fan Art, & Panel Footage)

     Battle Gem Ponies exposure is happening! Getting lots of activity on social networks and the BronyCon panel footage even hit the web. Time to kick things into overdrive since I just found out that a playable demo for my class is due next Monday!

Take a glance at some Yotes Games love and some close-ups of the demo's maps below!

My panel is finally up!
Pinto Town Map
Pinto Cave Map
Pinto Island Map
Pinto House Interiors
  • Redesigned Tile Map Creation Pipeline
  • Reorganized Project Folders
  • Edited Tiles for Efficient Layering
  • Battle Gem Ponies Panel Uploaded
  • Indoor TileMaps
  • NPC Wandering AI
  • Map Transitions (Black & White)
  • Fixed Level Loading
  • Fixed Random Tile Map Scrambling (I think.)
     Lessons Learned:
  • I find tile maps to be very frail. I expect lots of bugs to revolve around maps breaking randomly.
  • Gotta make sure I'm more relaxed before the next BGP panel. It's a cool game, people will love it regardless. Even those who don't want to play can appreciate the graphics.
Still have so many animations to do for the NPCs.
(Pokemon sprites highlighted in green boxes.)
       I'm in a mad scramble here trying to finish this Rock, Paper, Scissors project on time. I need a playable demo with all the promised features in some form by Monday. After that I'll have a couple weeks to polish things up for a formal presentation and final grade. It's ridiculous how fast this semester flew by and how far I am from the Pre-Alpha V4 I thought I'd reach by Christmas.


Lots of clean milestone numbers this weak. Surprisingly small increases each week though.
   My birthday put me $100 closer to my $625 LLC goal. Really hope Battle Gem Ponies has a longer tail than this. Making a much better demo version than Unicorn Training's should help with the buyer ratio too. If sales can stay over $30 a month I should make it. Fingers crossed.


     BronyCon just unleashed all the video footage I've been anticipating since July. Every panel is now up on YouTube including my own. This is deserving of its own post on Friday, so look for more details then. Give the video a look if you can. I think getting more views before the next BronyCon helps my chances of hosting another panel in 2016. Also, the back of my head (between the Derpy & InFamous Cole cosplayers) can be seen in the Horsecast LIVE Panel video as I cheer on some of my favorite YouTubers from the third row.

     Cybermagus, demonstrating the game here. Yotes Games on Facebook has been getting a lot of new views and a few likes lately. If you're interested in a Battle Gem Ponies art gallery feel free to take a look.  I also got a random 2,000 page view spike thanks to Equestria Gaming's post from June.


    Time to get back to it then. Once the RoShamBo distraction is out the way I can focus on repurposing it for BGP and have it start to feel like a real game. I'll save te graphics for last. They make for a more satisfying home stretch anyway.

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