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Friday, October 30, 2015

BGP Battle Items (Part 2/3)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
     Here's the next 25 Battle Items for Battle Gem Ponies, making this the second third of all 75 of them. Take a look at how each one affects your pony in battle! (Part 1, Part 3)

Glow Stick:
  • Lessens damage received from Dark attacks by 25%.
Golden Beetle:
  • Boosts the power of Bug moves by 25%.
Golden Halo:
  • Boosts the power of Light moves by 25%.
Hoof Heels:
  • Lessens damage received from Earth attacks by 25%.
Horned Helmet:
  • Boosts ATK stat by 20%.
Hover Spoon:
  • Boosts the power of Esper moves by 25%.
  • Lessens damage received from Ghost attacks by 25%.
Iron Plate:
  • Boosts the power of Steel moves by 25%.
Ki Ring:
  • Boosts the power of Ki moves by 25%.
Know Scope:
  • Increases critical-hit chance of every move.
Life Brace:
  • The holder will endure a finishing blow with 1 HP left.
Medicinal Herb:
  • Lessens damage received from Toxic attacks by 25%.
  • Raises speed each time pony is staggered.
  • A KO bomb that will explode if taken by the enemy.
Party Ring:
  • Share stat changes with the entire pony party.
  • Lessens damage received from Bug attacks by 25%.
Plant Boost:
  • Boosts the power of Plant moves by 25%.
Poison Needle:
  • Boosts the power of Toxic moves by 25%.
Pony Scouter:
  • Adjusts power to attack the foe's lowest defensive stat.
Pure Charm:
  • Boosts the power of class neutral moves by 30%.
Rain Stone:
  • Creates rainfall whenever weather is normal.
Rainbow Rock:
  • Greatly increases speed to make the pony 20% faster.
Rancid Mulch:
  • Lessens damage received from Plant attacks by 25%.
  • Boosts EDEF stat by 20%.
Repel Cloak:
  • Lessens damage received from Magic attacks by 25%.
       And here we are at 50 items. Let me know if you spotted any favorites in the comments.

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