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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #41 (Human Sprites & RoShambo Updates)

     As we enter into October game development time becomes clearer. At a steady work pace I should have 2 demos out by Christmas. Nearly all my NPC sprites exist and 8 of them are fully animated. That means I can get to work on the overworld this weekend and animate the other sprites later. This game is coming together piece-by-piece.

I'm all hyped up on gamedev lately! Find out what's been fueling my personal hype below!

Facebook updated the way page posts show up.
I'll have an easier time with pictures now.
Battle screen mock-up for my class project.
  • 51 NPC Sprites (Not Animated)
  • RoShamBo Project Battle System Sprites & Screen Mockups
  • Experimented With Kinect Controlled School Project
  • Personalities for Paragon Executives, Champions, and Mavens.
  • Organized Game Sales Links for Faster DevLog Updates
     Lessons Learned:
  • More about taxes, house hunting, and investments in Personal Finance class.
  • I need to use a lot of implications in the must-read text for my RPGs.
  • I can see my games popping up in Humble Monthly someday.
  • Playing through Catherine reminded me of how a deeply engaging story and theming can make a dramatic difference in the enjoyment of any game. I found myself pushing through frustrating segments just because I want to see the next piece of the story.
  • The Indivisible RPG Crowdfunding Campaign got me thinking about surviving as an indie by the will of the people that way.
       This whole week went into creating all the NPC sprites. They should all be made by Thursday at the latest. I just want them all out the way so I can at least have a mental image of each character in my head. Animating them all can come as they're needed, but it's nice to have everybody in visible form. I'll be keeping a few characters secret for story purposes, but today's closing thoughts image is basically everyone you'll encounter on your travels. (Only a few more are still being drawn.)


   Steady spaghetti over here. No sales spike or spotlight anytime soon. It's up to me to deliver and earn that attention now. I want a new BGP demo out by Halloween.
The overworld sprites are modeled after Pokemon's 16-Bit art style.
Allows me to use basic templates of teen, adult, kid, elder, and fat for both males and females.
     I'm trying to balance playing games with making my own now. Actually playing things a few times a week has been giving me a lot of motivation to create something just as good. Watching all these crowdfunding projects takeoff gets me so excited to deliver something of my own. I even get hyped up on game development whenever I get back from the gym as I see myself growing into the person I want to be when I finally graduate.

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