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Friday, October 23, 2015

Confirmed BGP Healing Items

     Today I'm showing some of the consumable items in BGP. Not be be confused with pony-equipable battle items, these are things like potions and poison cures that keep your pony conscious. Check below the break for item descriptions and details.

At the moment, this list suits adventure mode needs perfectly.

       There's an item for every medical purpose. There's even 3 consumable held items to be revealed in a future post. Based on how well these work (and how quickly I can implement them), I'm considering adding extra stat altering items. Things that reset your pony's stats back to normal, give you an attack or defense boost, or maximize one while decreasing some others.

     They may not end up qualifying as health items so I'd likely put them in the regular items section. There's no need to worry about how these affect multiplayer matches either since the only options currently available in PvP are Maxum Spray, Health Tonic, and Pony Puff. Of those, each player can only use 1 before losing access to them all for the remainder of the battle.

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