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Friday, October 9, 2015

BGP Battle Items (Part 1/3)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
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     BGP features 75 different Battle Items that you can equip to your equine and get a competitive edge in battle. They compensate weaknesses, boost strength, and can even throw wildcards at your opponent's face. Going in alphabetical order, I'll be listing off the combat items you can use in Battle Gem Ponies over the weeks 25 at a time. The game is still in development, so like everything else, things are subject to change. Especially when time comes to start balancing. (Part 2, Part 3)

Alarm Clock:
  • Prevents pony from falling asleep.
Armor Plate:
  • Boosts DEF stat by 20%.
  • Boosts the power of Air moves by 25%.
Barbed Yoke:
  • Small chance to poison enemy with any contact.
Beach Shell:
  • Boosts the power of Aqua moves by 25%.
  • Greatly strengthens multi-hit moves but lowers accuracy.
Blazing Heart:
  • Necklace that boosts the power of Fire moves by 25%.
Body Cloud:
  • Lessens damage received from Air attacks by 25%.
Book of Reason:
  • Lessens damage received from Chaos attacks by 25%.
  • Multi-hit moves never miss.
Bright Glitter:
  • Lowers the opponent's accuracy by 10%.
  • Hurts foe at the start of battle and after each KO.
Comeback Card:
  • If hit by a devastating move, holder's attack stats raise.
Cool Glasses:
  • Lessens damage received from Light attacks by 25%.
Crystal Dust:
  • Boosts EATK stat by 20%.
Cursed Amulet:
  • Boosts the power of moves while draining holder's HP.
Dare Token:
  • Doubles bits earned from winning pony trainer battles.
Death Tag:
  • Heals some HP with each attack. Bonus if the foe is KO'd.
Dragon  Guard:
  • Lessens damage received from Draco attacks by 25%.
Dusk Stone:
  • Creates darkness whenever weather is normal.
Exp Shoes:
  • Doubles experience earned after battle.
Flame Guard:
  • Lessens damage received from Fire attacks by 25%.
Float Vest:
  • Lessens damage received from Aqua attacks by 25%.
Foil Cap:
  • Lessens damage received from Esper attacks by 25%.
Frost Stone:
  • Doubles the duration of hailstorms.
       I'm hoping these give you a sense of what strategies you can use. A lot of these were simple stat buffs, but you can expect the more creative ones to sneak in with every post.

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