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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Facebook Ad Test Ends

     The Facebook ad has come to a close. The wallet stated to empty out and people stopped clicking so I pulled the plug to save a little juice for another test later. Basically, $35 bucks got me 17 clicks. I'm still a small name so seeing my stuff doesn't mean much yet. I'm glad I got to show an extra thousand people who I am (in ad form) and I appreciate the 17 people who thought to give me a look. I plan to keep you all entertained with up to date game dev stuff for years to come. 

Get some details and reports below.

     So these guys here were my most popular by far. I'm guessing that the bright colors and before/after shots were effective in getting attention. Was it because they wanted a better look at the picture? Did seeing the text next to the picture put a clearer image of what to expect in their minds? I'll never know really (unless they comment and tell me).

This breaks down the total cost.

These are the exact statistics. I saved a copy for reference later.

This shows what was taken off my coupon and when.

I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing my coupon worked.

    There are some extra steps I could have taken to track what people do when they get to my sight after clicking an ad. If I dive into my website's HTML I can use Facebook to watch what new visitors click on or scroll to. That would help me see what people find most interesting on my blog. I'm likely to do this at some point but it's pointless to right now.

    I'll feel a lot more interested in an ad campaign once I have something worth shoving into peoples' faces.

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