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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Future Blog Posts

Looking at the devs I follow has inspired me to change my blog up a bit.
     I plan on changing up a lot after Unicorn Training finishes up. A new banner & color scheme is in my head. I've wanted to change the site to match my favorite color combination of blue & black with white letters (instead of red and grey with black letters) for a while and it will match my Dragon game this winter thematically. More important than the palette swap is a new blog post schedule.

    I now understand why no other game dev bothers posting a progress update every day. It's very time consuming! Time that could be put into making a game or interacting with people excited for your project. After Unicorn Training I'll be making a short 3-month project. Soon after that project releases I'll be pulling back posts and releasing new ones every Wednesday and Saturday.

     If I go with the weekly format like I've seen most other dev blogs do I can have more substantial posts. I'll have interesting things to show each week and even be able to have an air of mystery around future releases because readers won't see everything the game has up it's sleeve as I make it. The reason I do daily posts at all is because I wish that the devs I follow posted consistently. If I can post things every day, doing a couple big ones each week should be no problem. I just want to let followers know I'm hard at work and absolutely not dead. I want people to see that the project is coming along and I want to give insight into the development process to inspire people new to game development the way other devs have inspired me.

     Saturdays will still be Status Report days. I may even start naming them after the project they're about. Saturday will be a summary post of what was done that week and Wednesday will be an interesting bit about the current project. It will give me more work time, make the website less crowded with filler posts, and build more excitement for Yotes Games.

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