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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Status Report #48 (Tile Maps)

   This is what I've been staring at for most of the week. Lots of scenes for this little game. I want players to get their dollar's worth. After I make all the enemies and objects I can place them on the level maps I just made. See this week in review below.

  • Battle Room Tile Maps
  • Boss Room Tile Maps
  • Dungeon Tile Maps
  • Forest Tile Maps
  • Second Town Scene
  • All Indoor Scenes
  • Final Enemy List
  • 100,000 Pageviews!
     Lessons Learned:
  • Tile Mapping is the Future. Seriously.
  • SoundCloud is Very Useful For Getting in the Game Dev Zone.
  • You Should Follow People On Twitter If You REALLY Want To Hear Them.

       I used to go overboard with Twitter. It was a new thing for m so I just followed everyone I could until I reached the 2000 cap. Then I couldn't follow accounts that I was really wanting to hear from because I already followed anyone with the word "game" in their description. Now I'm more selective and I cut out all the accounts that didn't stick out to me. Now Twitter is much more interesting to read and full of less random thing I would glaze over.

Also got this email. All ready for Fire Phone!


I'm sensing a slight boost from the Fire Phone release. Three downloads is more than zero.
   I should try to find a more efficient way to display statistics because once I publish to a lot more stores the number of graphs will be way too high. Maybe I should just count the totals out for Android vs iOS and write them in a Microsoft Word table. A little extra work, but it'll be easier to read and give a better picture for how my stuff is doing.

     It feels nice knowing I can show off screenshots that aren't in that same forest scene I keep using. It'll feel even nicer once things are more finalized. Everything is looking really good and I'm excited to hold the final product in my hands. I'll be playing an RPG that I made myself. Something I've wanted since 10th grade.

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