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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Scrapped: Interactive Battle Terrain (Items in Grass)

     I wanted to have things like cutable grass, smashable boulders, and other debris on the battlefield. Then looking at that section of the GDD now, it's pretty pointless. Enemies already have a chance to spawn hearts and more frequent health drops decreases the value of cupcakes, decreasing the value of gems. Plus, I hadn't thought of a way to make such obstacles blend well with the environment or planned out an algorithm to randomize their locations on he battlefield.

     Now that I think about it this was a feature that just felt like a nice fit because Zelda had it and Zelda inspired this game. The truth is it works well there and not here so I'm dumping the idea to save a chunk of time. I can find other ways to make the environments feel more lively and there doesn't need to be any more item dropping objects in the game.

     There will still be interesting elements in every battle scene (lava, moving pillars, walls, etc.) but the enemies will be the main interactive/randomized elements. As a producer/manager of this project it seems like a very logical cut.

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