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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I'm Back & Ready To Blitz Unicorn Quest Development!

     As of tonight I'm back at my post and more ready than ever to finish up Unicorn Quest's features before school starts in August. During my little vacation I got lots of rest, came up with lots of gameplay ideas to make my current and future projects even better, and was possessed by the urge to get Unicorn Quest done so I can officially have a really cool game under my belt. Visit this site throughout the week and you'll see a lot get made.

      I'm at the point where I can chart out the entire world map so I know exactly what I need to make for it. Before diving into the asset creation for that there are still some things I need to do like battle scenes, alternate costumes, and more enemy designs. If the fire in my chest lasts the rest of summer, I'll be at a point where I'm just placing game objects where they need to be by August 20th. I want everything done so I can conduct a beta in October to fish out bugs and get the game some popularity.

     If you want the status report charts missing from last Saturday, App Annie is having a 503 makeover tonight so I might as well just post my app stats on Saturday like normal. Going by my emails, the patterns have not changed much. Some days with 4 downloads, other days with zero.

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