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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Status Report #61 (Unicorn Training Crunch)

     Unicorn Training is wrapping up and I'm ready to push it out into the world and see what happens. It's not my masterpiece, but it is my first baby. Having made this I truly feel like a game developer. I now understand just how hard it is to make all those dreams come to life. I know I say it every day now, but I really can't wait to get started on something new so I can put my new knowledge to the test. Hopefully I can start fresh mid-November.

  • Using Lightworks Instead of Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Rescheduled classes for Future Semesters
  • Save Features
  • Debug Save Files (For Open House Demos)
  • Lots of Debugging
     Lessons Learned:
  • Many Things About What Goes Into An Effective Game Trailer.
  • RPG Maker Does A Lot Of Cool Stuff. I Wonder How I'd Turn Out If I Used It In High School Instead Of Trying To Tackle A Pokemon Game From Scratch With C++.
  • Save Data Management Would Be Simpler If I Used "Saves" For Such Data Instead Of A Combination With "Globals" And That Sync Process.
  • There's Something Magical About Seeing A Game You'd Love To Play In It's Rawest Unfinished Form. It Let's You Into The Heads Of The Dev Team.
  • (See Star Wars Battlefront 3 Pre-Alpha)
       So close! I'm working my butt off to get this thing ready for tomorrow and the release soon after.


     There is still some confusion about my plans for this game and those that follow so I want to have a written explanation somewhere.

     Unicorn quest has been renamed Unicorn Training and is still coming to Android. The iOS version is postponed because my license expired and I can't afford a new one. The redesign only cut the scope of the game so I can save those gameplay ideas for a sequel. I'm going to soft launch on Google Play and the Amazon app store as soon as it's done then get straight to work on another small app before both app stores close submissions for the holidays. Once both games are done I'll start pre-production on the pokemon/pony crossover game for my Mobile Gaming class.

     I'd say the scariest news this week has to be my realization that my senior Capstone has to take place in the fall. It's definitely a setback but I'll come up with something. A town and surrounding area with 2 unbalanced enemies will do grade-wise so long as I come up with all the documents and class presentations.

    I spoke with the teacher and she says the planning and IT integration is more important than having something tangible to play.

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